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cedarleaf [travel tins]

cedarleaf [travel tins]

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Spay wax candle, infused with pure essential oils and topped with a crackling sodden wick. This beautiful cuddly fragrance is full of berries and clove and wraps around you like a warm jumper.


burn time: 16 hours 


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At cosynookvibes we are committed to delivering distinctive products and experiences in a sustainable and socially responsible way for our customers and communities. Our mission is to source and supply high quality, natural products that smell as good as they look in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

Life can get pretty hectic, believe me I know, being a mother of three bundles of joy can be challenging creating a relaxing space, winding down after a long day is bliss and also very necessary. And no better way than cosying up with one of our beautiful aromas from our collections of soy candles.

So, however your day is going Cosy Nooks is here to help create a peaceful and relaxing moments, whatever the occasion may be.

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